- Hello There -

My Name is Victoria.

I believe life to be a polaroid string of messy moments and dreams between tears. Moments don't happen in front of the camera: they are out of focus, unexpected  unkept, rough, raw.. I've seen love  in the arms of a friend disguised pizza & beauty carried in the freckled hands of a grandmother. 


The trips I didn't plan to take,

times I should have been laughing, spent on the floor crying,

concerts that never lasted long enough,

places that seem more like friends than locations,

coffee shops that gift advice to the best of listeners,

nights spent under a blanket of stars,

songs that become the secrets to your soul,

the words exchanged in giggles,

The calm in companion ship,

the freedom in adventure,

the kisses that save you, 

the hands that hold your thoughts:




That is what I wish to capture. 

 ~ messy, unkept, rough, breathtaking, beautiful, divine, miraculous, delicate,unforgiving, all encompassing, Life. ~